Since 1957 Brooklyn has been waiting to call a professional sports team their own. That’s a long, long wait. But the wait was finally over. The Nets were moving to Brooklyn and pro sports would once again be in the borough. The Nets tasked us with building excitement around the return. The idea was simple; take stadium seating, synonymous with sports, and place it in iconic BK locales signifying the return.

Environmental/Non-traditional stunt

In addition to the print, we thought it would be cool to provide a little theater. The last time a pro sports team called Brooklyn home, newsboys still handed out newspapers on city corners. What better way to hand out copies of the Daily News specially wrapped with one of our “One Day” excecutions. We hired actors, dressed them in period-approriate clothing and sent them to street corners with stacks of our wrapped copies of the Daily News. Their locations were tweeted and put on Facebook. People came out, took photos and listened to the boys shout “Extra! Extra! Pro sports returns to Brooklyn!”